Redmi Note 10 series may come with LCD display


Redmi India claims the upcoming Redmi Note 10 series will be the smoothest Redmi smartphones ever, suggesting that the series will offer a high refresh rate display for a smoother visual experience.

As a result of a survey published on its Twitter account, the company asked users whether they prefer the “best LCD” with 120 Hz refresh rate or a simple AMOLED display. However, users seem to be in favor of OLED overwhelmingly.


The survey conducted by Redmi India is also thought to give clues about the screen features of the Note 10 series. The company, which claims the most fluid Redmi smartphones ever regarding the highly anticipated series, has aroused curiosity in terms of the screen features of the smartphone.

According to Redmi India’s claims, the new Redmi Note 10 will come with an LCD display with a high refresh rate. While this is welcomed by many users, the majority of users want clearer images instead of a high refresh rate.

As is known, OLED displays have numerous features such as lower power consumption when displaying darker content, deeper blacks, high brightness and no light leakage compared to LCD technology.

There are several advantages in LCD panels such as cheaper than OLED screens and not prone to screen burning over time.

Although the survey that divides Redmi lovers into two gives a clue about the screen features of the Redmi Note 10, there is no official information about the features of the device yet.

What screen features should the Redmi Note 10 series have?


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