Redmi K40: Must let the consumer choose without charger.


After being the first manufacturer in the world to use the new Snapdragon 888 processor, Xiaomi also took the opportunity to launch the Mi 11 without a charger in the box. China’s new sales policy has left many people disappointed.

However, in pursuit of pleasing the Chinese public, Xiaomi at least gave the option to buy the device with the accessory for a limited time. Now, everything indicates that the company wants to use the same strategy when selling the new Redmi K40.

That’s because Lu Weibing, CEO of Redmi, used his social media to publish an image showing two cases of the new premium phone. The first is bigger and thicker and indicates that there is a charger present in the package.

The second package is thinner and probably does not have the accessory. Thus, Xiaomi wants to sell both options at the same price and let the consumer choose which one fits their needs.

The strategy can get the Mi Fan to get used to the idea of ​​buying a cell phone without a charger and at the same time reinforces Xiaomi’s environmental discourse. However, in the case of the Mi 11, users preferred the model with the accessory included in the box.
For now, there is still no exact date for the official launch of the K40 line. Even so, the main details of the devices have already been leaked. With that, we know that the K40 should be made official with Snapdragon 775G, while the Pro variant arrives with Snapdragon 888.

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In addition, there is also an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, with the starting price of the Pro variant being 2,999 yuan, something around R $ 2,532 in direct conversion and without considering Brazilian taxes.


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