Redmi K30i’s Camera Will Be 48 MP Revealed In MIUI System Code


The Redmi K30i, which is expected to be introduced in a short time, is known to be one of the affordable 5G phones. According to those revealed by the MIUI system code, the phone will come with a 48 MP main camera.

There was a report recently saying that the Redmi K30i will come with a 48 MP main camera. However, the camera information of the Redmi K30 5G was also specified as 48 MP in TENAA. Finally, XDA Developers came across a number of new characters in the recently released MIUI system code. These new characters also confirmed that the Redmi K30i will have a 48 MP camera. It is also stated in the texts that the Redmi K30i 5G will have a 4-lens camera.

If we consider the 4 lens camera, Xiaomi may have chosen a 48MP Samsung / Sony module instead of the 64 MP Sony IMX686 sensor used in the Redmi K30 series in order to reduce the cost. The expected device is expected to be the most affordable 5G phone in the Redmi K30 series, so there may be a change in the lens.

Spreading target 5G:
Smartphone manufacturers predict that 5G will be the focus of the whole market. The companies plan to increase 5G usage is to produce affordable 5G phones. In this context, prices are said to be less than $ 141. At least, Xiaomi’s target is getting help from the Redmi sub-brand this way and as part of achieving this goal.

According to what first appeared, the Redmi K30i 5G would take its place on the shelves at the end of April, but we are in May and the phone has not yet been introduced. Although the Redmi K30i will be the most affordable phone in the series, it will not go on sale at a price of $ 141. This new device is not expected to be very different from the K30 5G. The K30 has a 5G 64 MP main camera, while the Redmi K30i will come with a 48 MP main camera. The price of the device, which is not expected to be very different from this camera difference, will be $ 254.

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