Redmi 10: leaked the look of Xiaomi’s cheap cell phone


Xiaomi is one of the companies that sounds the most when someone is looking for a terminal with a good price. The firm convinces with its Redmi signature terminals, which is where the company shines in sales. Your Note family is one of the most anticipated by users and you will like the most to know that the appearance of the new Redmi 10 has been leaked.

This could be the Redmi 10

All users who are waiting to buy their new smartphone like to find that bargain that has the three ‘bs’: good, nice and cheap. With this premise, Xiaomi prepares its phones that it launches under the wing of Redmi, a brand much loved especially by Spanish users. And today something that many will like has been seen: the appearance and specifications of the Redmi 10.

On the front it would have a 6.53-inch screen with a drop-type notch with an 8 MPX camera. The use of the screen is not appreciated, although having a notch it is most likely that it will continue with the same trend as the previous terminals. Of course, in the rear it follows the most modern line that we have seen in the latest models of rival houses.

The leaked images of the Redmi 10, which we can see in Mysmartprice, show a rectangular-shaped package in the upper left part of the device. Four sensors would stay here, the main one being 48 MPX. Inside it has some of the best compositions of this year. And is that the processor that it carries is the Mediatek G85, which offers performance at a good price.

In the rest of the specifications we find variable configurations in RAM memory and internal space that would reach 8 and 256 GB respectively. But where this device can stand out is, as usual, its battery. Here we would see a battery of no less than 6,000 mAh, something really big despite the fact that the firm already presents them with up to 5,000 mAh.

How long is it to know the Redmi 10?

With these characteristics it is not surprising that more than one wonders about the arrival of the Redmi 10. Xiaomi’s cheap terminal will still take time to show itself, especially if we take into account that the Redmi 9 family appeared there in the month of July together with his younger siblings. Taking this into account, there is still a lot of time to meet the new member of the Chinese firm as well as its Note models.


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