RedMagic Watch, as well as the new smartwatch from Nubia


RedMagic Watch: Nubia has been one of the world’s electronics companies that has passed to the gaming phone segment. Sus RedMagic has been fighting against a lot of competence for years and every season that he will continue for as long as possible. But as a hardware manufacturer, I have made a small leap into the world of gadgets and all is graceful with RedMagic Watch.

As is the new RedMagic watch

It was time test that smart watches will take over the gaming market. However, there are less of them than hardware brands focused on this segment. This is the case of Nubia, as the RedMagic segment is known for being one of the most interesting exponents of the world of mobile phones for young people. Now there is a new device on the market that is RedMagic Watch.

The smartwatch has a classic design very similar to other terminals that we have seen with the rounded corona. Inside is an AMOLED display of 1.39 inches HD touch since you see all the parameters that have the device over the hour. Of course, you have one of the buttons on the right side since you have to control the adjustments.

With them you will leave the sports section, where you have a total of 16 training modes to choose the one that is best suited to what you are going to do. Some students have very well defined analysis tools such as soccer that has a ‘heat map’ that measures the time that passes and the time.

Among its capabilities, the RedMagic Watch has a heart rate detector, personal assistant, blood oxygen meter and presumably holds up to 5 atmospheres in the water, a weight of no less than 30 grams and a battery that could last approximately 15 days.

Availability and price

Nubia puts on the RedMagic Watch market for a low price around € 100 at the exchange rate. There are up to 15 interchangeable strands as well as the sphere. To change the latter, you must use your dedicated mobile application and choose one of the things that you like the most from the app. That is it, just in time to buy only the options’ options: the black colored ball or the white colored ball.


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