Redesigning Google search for mobile devices


Google is making a design change in mobile devices. Aiming to simplify the appearance of search results, the company will redesign Google Search for mobile devices.

With the new design, we will see larger and bold text

According to a blog post published by Google on Friday, the appearance of search results on mobile devices will change. Directing the redesign, Aileen Cheng explains the subject in her blog post as follows; “We wanted to take a step back to simplify it a bit so people can find what they are looking for faster and easier.”

The redesign aims to enable faster scanning. We will also see larger and bold text in the new design, as well as text with more Google fonts. In addition, thanks to the partially reduced shadows, the search results will cover the width of your screen more. The tech giant on redesign also states that colors will be used “more consciously” to help highlight important information without distraction.

According to the output from the new design tested, there is more information at the top of the page and reduces some visual clutter. It is thought that this will make it easier to parse the results without forcing the user to scroll down too much to find what is being looked for. Google states that the renewed design will be available in the coming days.

How did you find the design change of Google aimed at simplifying search results?


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