Rede 6G mudará o mercado com velocidades acima de


Last Monday (18), a report published by Chinese analytics firm Counterpoint Research stated promising news for the upcoming 6G transmission network. According to the document, transmission rates will reach speeds above 1 Tbps, or 1000 Gbps, surpassing with great advantage the current 5G record, capable of reaching its maximum “only” 10 Gbps. Innovative, the technology is expected to launch by the end of the decade and should innovate the market.

In this context, the report details some of the possible applications for the new transmission modality that can directly influence the economy, such as: microsecond latency, which will allow real-time control of machinery and robots; media transmissions in resolutions up to 16K, or 15360 × 8640 pixels and wireless transport of holographic images and videos (known as holoportation), among others.

However, Counterpoint Research also foresees some challenges in the implementation of the system, mainly when it comes to the technology needed in the transmission equipment of the 6G network. The novelty will require devices with better energy efficiency, Line of Sight (LoS) channels, adequate AI to optimize transmissions and metamaterials for the construction of antennas capable of working in the planned spectrum of the network, between 300 GHz and 3 THz (TeraHertz).

Despite the planning of the 6G Summit estimating that the technology should arrive only in 2030, considering that the 5G is just beginning its first steps, large companies in the international market are already working to advance its launch – among them is Samsung, which promises its implementation by 2028. Similarly, China is also working on the technology and has already launched its 6G network satellite to speed up the race.


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