A Reddit User Made a Master Chief Figure from 231 Pieces of Paper


In Reddit, a user made a Master Chief figure, using 58 sheets of paper, consisting of 231 pieces and completed in more than 20 hours. Reddit’s share was deleted due to being stolen.

Halo series, which is one of the most important examples of First Person Shooter (FPS) game type, has a place in our memories especially with a character and that character is Master Chief. Master Chief, whom we brought to life in the game series, has been officially bred to be a weapon since a young age.

Of course, the character’s story was one of the main things that brought it to our heart. So much of the actors bring their love for this character to the real world. One of the players who brought his love to the real world appeared on Reddit today.

Master Chief figure made of paper:
A user who shared on Reddit two days ago said that he made the Master Chief, which we know from Halo, a thick paper type used in making business cards. The user stated that the Master Chief, which was put together from paper, consists of 231 pieces in total and said that he did this in more than 20 hours.

Reddit’s post is not currently live. The reason for this is that it is not known who shared the sharing first. Many Reddit users commenting under the post stated that this image was previously shared under several different titles and that the image does not belong to the user who shared this post.

This confusion in the world of Reddit does not concern us so much, because anyone who brings Master Chief together with paper pieces needs to share his work. Of course, we would like to know who the original owner of this work is, but this makes the subject attractive.

Halo: Reach, the latest game in the Halo series that pushes people to work so hard, is also the first Halo game released for PC. You can use this link to access Halo: Reach’s Steam page, which will allow you to experience the Halo experience, and you can access the Master Chief Collection here.


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