Reddit User Earns 5500 Percent With Bitcoin Tipping


He earned 5,500 percent thanks to Bitcoin, which was sent to a Reddit user almost seven years ago.

A Reddit user named YellowCity posted a post yesterday and revealed how much the Bitcoin price has risen over the years. YellowCity said another Reddit user named brcreeker sent him Bitcoin seven years ago. Brcreeker sent 0.0013 Bitcoins as a “tip” to a YellowCity comment.


How Was It Valued Over the Years?

The value of this Bitcoin was $ 0.25 when the tip was sent. YellowCity has not touched this $ 0.25 Bitcoin in the past seven years. The increase in the price over the years resulted in the value of this Bitcoin to increase to $ 14.67 over time.

This transaction, made on October 21, 2013, enabled the user named YellowCity to gain more than 5 thousand percent. At that time, the Bitcoin price was almost $ 230 in dollar terms.


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