A Reddit User Has Designed A Interface That Looks Pretty Stylish For PlayStation 5


A Reddit user has designed a highly realistic interface using their imagination for PlayStation 5, which will be introduced later this year. The concept design that looks very stylish has managed to win the likes of many Reddit users.

With the arrival of 2020, in the world of technology, eyes are turned into new generation consoles. At this point, although Microsoft constantly shares new information about the next generation of Xbox, silence is maintained on the Sony front. When this is the case, many concept designs emerge on PlayStation 5. Now, a Reddit user has shared the interface Sony has designed using its imagination for the next generation console.

The 13-second video shared on Reddit and showing the concept interface of PlayStation 5 is similar to the interface design of the existing PlayStation 4 in many ways at first glance. When we examine the concept design more carefully and in detail, we can see that this is not exactly the case. Let’s take a closer look at this concept design video created by a fan, and then talk about it.

Fan-made interface design of PlayStation 5:
In this concept design, which we can say that it offers a very clean and not confusing image, only notifications, friends and trophy icons appear on the screen. However, information such as playing time, progress and achievements just below the selected game are some of the details that make this interface useful.

Unlike the PlayStation 4 interface, selecting the game in this design will not start the game directly. Instead, more detailed information about the game achievements, events, friends and store will be available on this screen. To start the game, it will be enough to hold down the ‘X’ key.

If we need to summarize briefly, we can say that this fan-made interface is quite elegant and user-friendly. Of course, we do not yet know what kind of interface Sony has designed for PlayStation 5. In order to get the answer to this question, we must wait at the end of 2020. Stay informed to be aware of all the developments in this process.


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