Announced How He Lost All Ethereums In 100 Seconds

Today, the story shared by a user on Reddit is a proof of how we should be more sensitive when dealing with cryptocurrencies. The user lost the $ 1200 worth of Ethereum (ETH) in seconds after saving the reminder words for the crypto wallet to the web-based storage service GitHub.

Reddit user, who did not want to forget the 12-word list that was given to access a crypto wallet and used to represent the wallet’s private key, uploaded these words to GitHub. Hackers who stole the funds scanned the words of recovery on GitHub and accessed the wallet thanks to a bot they created.

Using the special words that he accessed via Bot GitHub, he transferred the $ 1,200 worth of Ethereum in the Matemask wallet to another wallet in a short time like 100 seconds.

The question is, why is it so easy to access GitHub information? The user, in his statement on this subject, acknowledged that he made a stupid mistake, leaving his recovery statements to GitHub.

The user, who learned from his mistake, advised that users who keep their cryptocurrencies in their wallets never store your private keys digitally and do not forget to create random private keys if you use Metamask.

The user is now looking for ways to bring back lost Ethereums, but unfortunately this does not seem to be possible.

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