Reddit To Disable Dubsmash In February 2022


Reddit: Last year, the Reddit forum platform acquired the Dubsmash app, enabling videos to be posted easily among users. Apparently, the acquisition took other directions: Dubsmash will be deactivated on February 22, 2022.

This last Tuesday (23), the company revealed that the application will only be available for download until the scheduled date. Hopefully, fans of the app will continue to enjoy the video features on the forum itself.

It’s over, but not over?

The acquisition was part of Reddit’s integration plans with Dubsmash’s resources, in other words, the idea is to unite both experiences in a single tool. So far, hours of watched video have increased by 70% after the switch.

“Our main focus, in terms of acquisition, was to bring the expertise of the team, as well as bringing the technology that we’ve built over the past five years at Dubsmash,” said Suchit Dash, vice president of video at Reddit and co-founder of Dubsmash, to The Verge.

After the success of TikTok, several other platforms started to integrate features for creating short videos, such as Reels on Instagram or Shorts on YouTube — so Reddit’s version is similar to Dubsmash.

In addition to disabling the app, the company also unveiled an update to modernize the integration’s functionality, adding tools to change video speed, trim clips and set timing.

“Our goal is to make sure we can really allow everyone on Reddit — regardless of what platform they’re on — to have a great video experience,” added Dash.