Reddit, five-second Super Bowl ad similar to GameStop


Remembering the GameStop case, Reddit ran a commercial of just 5 seconds in the Super Bowl on the night of last Sunday (07). Considered the most expensive advertising space in the United States, because of the audience at the sporting event, the social network published only a text of just over 120 words calling people to participate in the forums.

In a good-humored way, the advertisement starts by saying that “if you are reading this, it means that our bet was worth it”. Ahead, the company recalls that its marketing budget could not buy a time full of commercial and therefore the action was only 5 seconds.

Despite the humble commercial, the text argues that together people achieve great things. “One thing we learned from our communities last week is that underdogs can achieve anything when they come together around a common idea,” he points out.

GameStop Case

Recently, the social network has entered the center of a major discussion in the financial market after the shares of the video game store GameStop have risen more than 100%. The abnormal movement was orchestrated by “Redditors”, who wanted to challenge veteran analysts and Wall Street companies.

Everything was plotted on a forum called Wall Street Bets. To create the bubble in the market, these users spent a whole day buying papers from GameStop to generate a false notion to the market. The result was that the role of the video game store jumped from $ 17 to $ 160, being the most traded asset in the period.

In addition to referring to this collusion among its users, Reddit’s advertising action took advantage of the hype itself. According to data from the consultancy Sensor Tower, the mobile application for the social network was downloaded about 6.6 million times in January. This balance represented the best month in downloads of the program in all history.


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