Red, White and Royal Blue: New BTS photos show Alex and Henry’s romantic moments


A new behind-the-scenes photo of the upcoming adaptation of “Red, White and Royal Blue” has emerged, showing rehearsals for a particularly charming scene. The film, which is currently in production under the direction of director Matthew Lopez, was adapted by Lopez and Ted Malaver from the 2019 bestseller of the same name by author Casey McQuestion. The story of Red, White and Royal Blue is a romantic story set against the backdrop of political intrigue, when sparks fly between Alex (Taylor Zahar Perez), the son of the first female president of the United States, and Henry (Nicholas Golitsyn), the Prince of England during the election campaign of Alex’s mother (Uma Thurman).

The project does not have an official release date yet. However, this is a production by Amazon Studios (in conjunction with Berlanti Productions, a company co-founded by Love, Simon director Greg Berlanti), so it will most likely be released in Prime Video streaming either instead of or shortly after showing in theaters. The rest of the cast includes Rachel Hilson from Love Victor as Alex’s best friend Nora, Ahmed Elhaj from Grantchester as Henry Percy’s best friend and —currently unspecified roles — Stephen Fry from Heartstopper, Sarah Shahi from Alias, Ellie Bamber from Nocturnal Animals and Jessica Jones from Anish Shet, Polo Maureen from “Who killed Sarah?”, Akshay Khanna from “Grace” and “Pacific Rim” star Clifton Collins Jr.

Lopez took to Instagram this week to share a behind-the-scenes photo of the third week of production. The photo shows the main characters rehearsing the scene where Henry and Alex are locked in the toilet during a potential security breach. Since the actors are not in place, the crew recreated the confinement in the closet, surrounding the actors with chairs to simulate the size of the space in which they would be locked.

Fans of the book will recognize this scene as one of the first moments igniting a flame between two rival political sons. They were trapped in a storeroom during a hospital visit, which Alex reluctantly attended with Henry, trying to get good PR after a public fight between them went viral. Although it will be some time before their romance comes to life, being in such close quarters allows them to break down the barriers between them, both literally and figuratively.

Not only is this red-white and bright blue behind-the–scenes shot a charming romantic moment, this photo shows that the actors are clearly getting along and having fun. Having found themselves in such a ridiculous situation at the rehearsal, the stars Golitsyn and Peres had the opportunity to get closer to their characters as well as their characters. If they manage to bring their off-screen chemistry to their roles, the film will undoubtedly satisfy the expectations of even the most ardent fans of the book.