Red Velvet’s Yeri wows fans with her makeup-free photos


Red Velvet’s Yeri fell in love with Reveluv with a series of photographs showing her natural beauty. The K-pop group singer and dancer managed to win over fans despite joining the group after their debut. Being the youngest, Yeri’s personality describes her as a cheerful and positive girl, she also possesses great beauty, with or without makeup, she surprised her fans with a new photoshoot.

Through her personal Instagram account, Red Velvet’s Yeri decided to share some photos while enjoying her free time. The idol registered more than 200 thousand likes in her post, the first of them is a series of black and white images and the second is a simple selfie in a cafeteria.

Throughout her career, Yeri has starred in various group and solo campaigns for beauty brands such as Etude House, her ambassador projects have been with APRILSKIN, Colette and recently posed for the Burberry brand. The Red Velvet member often shares various moments captured by the camera on her social network, despite staying away from live broadcasts due to harassment from sasaengs in the past.


On this occasion, Yeri wanted to share new photos with Reveluv, with a natural style and without makeup, Yeri published a photo in the middle of a cafeteria, with a mask, a black Bennie and a white shirt, revealing her black-eyed look .

The second post she made was a series of black and white photos, the singer wore an outfit consisting of a black coat and a beret, ideal for winter in South Korea. The tone of the images highlighted Yeri’s beauty, as it revealed her most striking features, such as her slanted eyes and puffy lips or the complexion of her skin.

One of the most adorable details was the mole that adorns her nose, which can be seen thanks to the photo editing. Yeri received various compliments in the comments, as fans prefer idols without makeup, as their features stand out more.

If you want to know more about Yeri, we leave you a list with 12 curiosities of the Red Velvet member that will make you fall in love.


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