Red Velvet’s Yeri show cancels new season


The Red Velvet maknae celebrated her birthday alongside Reveluv, although she had to suspend one of her solo projects.

Red Velvet’s Yeri will no longer be able to perform the second season of her show “Yeri’s Room,” agency SM and production company Dum Dum Studio shared a statement.

The K-pop girl group has been targeting their solo activities with each of the members. From the cinema, dramas, fashion and programs, the girls have carried out various projects in these months. Reveluv has been looking forward to a new comeback, which is speculated to take place in the coming months.

Recently, Red Velvet’s maknae celebrated a new year of life and enjoyed her special day with Reveluv. However, it seems that her solo career will take a new turn and pause some of her activities, SM agency announced the cancellation of season 2 of “Yeri’s Room.”

This variety show boosted talent as an MC for the K-pop group maknae, as well as showcasing her on-screen chemistry alongside other industry idols with whom she maintains great friendship like TWICE’s Nayeon . Her variety show consisted of recipes , interviews, crafts, among other activities.


According to the statement released by SM and Dum Dum Studio , Yeri’s new season of the show was scheduled to launch during March. The decision appears to be due to the company’s business problems, but the reason was not specified. Some Reveluv lamented the news on social media and expressed their support for the maknae , who enjoyed every episode of Yeri’s Room . This reality show also gave her the opportunity to debut as an actress in “Mint Condition”, since the director of the drama herself saw one of the episodes and chose her as part of the cast thanks to her skills.

It is also rumored that the second season could resume in the middle of the year, a fan shared that she met the idol in a cafe and explained that she had not recorded anything until now. After the decision, some fans consider that it is due to problems with their schedule, either because of the drama or because of the preparation of Red Velvet’s comeback.

Despite canceling one of her projects, Red Velvet’s maknae continues to triumph alone, reliving her acting debut in the Drama Stage drama “Mint Condition.”


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