Red Velvet’s Yeri is the best friend we all want to have


Although the talent of the Red Velvet girls makes us admire them, their qualities as a person are what stole the hearts of Reveluvs around the world and Yeri consolidated her position as the ideal friend.

Throughout her career, the SM Entertainment group maknae demonstrated why she earned a place in the lineup with her fellow members, little by little she entered the world of K-Pop, tracing her own path and surprising everyone. with the traits of her cheerful and tender personality .

This girl built a good friendship with the Red Velvet girls , but she also stands out as one of the singers who has shown her good relationship with a large number of celebs.

One of the reasons for this is the pleasant way of being that Yeri possesses, since in addition to being skillful at interactions, she knows how to win the hearts of the people around her.

The Red Velvet member shows many qualities that make us consider her an ideal friend and that everyone needs by her side. We tell you why.



Yeri always tries to unite the people around her, she begins to talk to others and adds them to her activities so that they can have fun with her, fostering good relationships and showing her brilliant way of being.


The member of Red Velvet usually appears in live broadcasts of her friends either to leave good reviews as when he surprised Rosé of blackpink , or to show their good relationship, in a called time Nayeon of TWICE for a V Live for sing happy birthday to her and he also wanted to say hello to AKMU ‘s Suhyun that way .


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This girl has established friendships with many idols, is close to the girls TWICE, blackpink, Lee Suhyun of AKMU other artists of SM Entertainment as Taeyeon, SHINee and many others. Yeri not only offers them her friendship and funny moments, but they accompany each other in difficult moments, so the Red Velvet member also receives meaningful gestures from the people around her.

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Yeri also enjoys taking photos with her dearest friends, treasuring every moment with her. AWW.


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This Red Velvet member has a friendly, fun personality, she is not afraid to ask for help, she always manages to illuminate the places where she arrives, spreading her energy and making any moment better, however, she knows that not everything is happiness in life And like everyone, sometimes they face difficult moments, but fans always appreciate that instead of pretending that everything is in order, they speak honestly and trust them.


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