Red Velvet’s Wendy shares her version of Be Your Enemy


Wendy gave her fans a good time by performing covers of some songs, including Be Your Enemy, a song that belongs to Taemin’s album.

Among SM Entertainment idols, Wendy is one of the vocalists we frequently hear participating in OSTs and collaborations with amazing artists. The idol used her vocal skills to lift the spirits of her fans through social media.

The Lysn platform was the perfect medium for Wendy to reconnect with the Reveluvs, the idol shared several interpretations of songs that will touch your heart and reaffirm your admiration for this singer.


Recently, Taemin released a new album under the name of Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2, among the melodies of this record material, the idol performs Be Your Enemy and, although initially it was a song that was intended to be a solo, Taemin decided it would be best to present it as a collaboration with Wendy.

She did not miss the opportunity and performed this song for her fans on Lysn, presenting a new version of this tune due to not only interpreting its verses, but also those of the SHINee member.

Other songs that Wendy sang for Reveluv were Yoon Mirae’s As time Goes By, H.E.R’s Hard Place, and HYNM’s Feeling.

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