Red Velvet’s Wendy reveals a preview of her Start Up OST


Wendy’s voice will perform a soft melody that we will hear throughout the K-Drama Start Up, starring Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Kim Sun Ho.

When K-Pop idols join the OSTs of our favorite series the excitement increases, so the first look at Wendy’s new song captured the attention of Reveluvs and Start Up fans. Learn how it sounds this lovely melody that will touch your heart.

The K-Drama Start Up tells the story of several people who are trying to fulfill their dreams in the professional realm when love comes to them unexpectedly. The romance and heartbreak of this series has already won the affection of the public, but the OST is not far behind.


The melody number 11 that will accompany the plot of Start Up is named Two worlds and will be performed by Wendy, one of Red Velvet’s most prominent vocalists. This idol has already performed songs for other series, but this piece will show her vocal skills again.

The OST will be revealed on November 15, but you can already listen to a first preview of how this song sounds.

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