Red Velvet’s Wendy premieres OST Two Letters


Red Velvet’s Wendy is back and premieres her new OST “Two Letters” for the drama “Start Up”. The member of the K-pop girl group resumed her activities as a singer after several months in rehabilitation, because at the beginning of the year she suffered an accident during a presentation; Since then, Reveluv waited for her return and they can already enjoy her voice again, as she stars in the new song for this Korean series.

Through YouTube, the new song was revealed to score the drama “Start Up,” starring Nam Joo Hyuk (Who Are You? School 2015) and the famous Suzy. Wendy was in charge of giving voice to the ballad “Two Letters”, it is her second solo work after resuming her activities.

Wendy is known for having one of the best female vocals in K-pop, so her voice was a perfect fit for the song, which portrays the suffering of a heart in the face of rejection. This is the second appearance of the idol after her recovery, as she had to go through a painful rehabilitation after suffering a fall on stage.


Wendy’s OST lyrics talk about being in love and admiring that person from afar, apparently love is unrequited. The MV presents various scenes between the leading couple of “Start Up”, revealing the evolution of their relationship, until it shows a romantic kiss scene at sunset on top of a building.

The ballad is the perfect single to listen to a rainy afternoon, especially if you are in love and you can’t stop sighing for that boy, although it may seem sad, the guitar and piano that accompany Wendy create the perfect environment to relax and let go for the feelings we hide in our hearts.

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Through social networks, Reveluv shared her emotion and messages of support for Wendy, because they missed her all these months. Her first appearance was with “Be your enemy”, a collaboration with Taemin for her new comeback, a big surprise for her fans after her absence. So far, she has not made a public appearance as such, but her voice is enough to captivate Reveluv.

“Start Up” is an on-air drama that tells the life of a girl who aspires to be like Stevie Jobs, on her way she meets the owner of a small technology company that seems to be failing. They both share a dream: to be the best in the business and together they will seek to succeed, while love unites them little by little.

The Red Velvet girls have not only captivated with their voice in drama OSTs, they have also shown their acting side in Korean movies and series, know their trajectory.


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