Red Velvet’s Seulgi reveals she lives alone in a new home


The Red Velvet member is the band’s first idol to live alone, Seulgi left the dorm and started a new adventure.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi has already moved house, the K-pop group member shared her first impressions of this big change that will show her independence and organization.

The girls from the SM agency lived in a dormitory where they shared rooms, when Yeri joined the band, they rearranged the place so that everyone was more comfortable.

This 2021, the girl band’s main dancer decided to move out of the house she shared with Red Velvet for so many years and embarked on a journey as a responsible, independent and organized adult in a new apartment . Through Bubble’s platform, Seulgi revealed what the unique experience of living alone is like , the difficulties, and the plans she created for her new home. What surprises will ReVeluv impress?


The interpreter of ‘Kingdom Come’ explained that when she was in the bedroom with Red Velvet she didn’t have much space and she kept all her parts in stacked boxes, there were already so many that she didn’t know what to do with them.

Seulgi is a great drawing artist, she has incredible ability, so she also revealed that her new house will have a special touch as she will design the interior of her apartment , maybe she could paint a mural or choose the color of the walls.

In the same application of SM Entertainment, the singer confessed that all other members of Red Velvet already knew the house of Seulgi , they spoke about the details of the place and spent time together.


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Yeri , Joy , Wendy, and Irene will continue in the same dorm, it is believed that when the girls promote their next comeback, Seulgi will move from her home to the idol apartment to make her schedule easier.

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