Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is The Center Of Attention In The New Clip from Queens Archive


Red Velvet continues to thrill fans with rounds of promotions, see what Seulgi looks like. Fans of the idol group are keeping an eye out for signs of a comeback, which is why these sneak peeks from Red Velvet fill us with excitement.

For several days, the singers from SM Entertainment have presented different clips which show a new concept in her career but retaking the essence that distinguishes musically. An aura of mystery and magic is present with each release and this time it was the turn of Seulgi’s MV.

The Queens Archive posts began with a group clip, but after that, we enjoyed individual videos where each of the Red Velvet members captivated us with their talents.

For Seulgi’s video, the girl wears her hair in orange and embarks on an adventure that has aroused the curiosity of the REVELUVS, we will tell you what it is about.


The video begins with an adorable white cat inside a store, who plays with a small tennis ball until this article rolls away from her. The idol bends down to retrieve it and it is then that she enters a box that becomes a tunnel, where does it take her?

At the other end is a tennis court where Seulgi wears a sporty look as she performs her verses in So Good.

When the song approaches the chorus, a dance routine by the singer also begins, but her mysterious shadow leads us to think that it is actually the feline we saw at the beginning.

What did you think of this melody? This is an immersive track and easy to enjoy, but we can still expect many other surprises from the Red Velvet girls.


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