Red Velvet’s Psycho continues to be a hit a year later


Red Velvet’s career is full of successes, but Psycho ushered in an amazing era that fans value widely and track records are one of the reasons.

SM Entertainment’s girl group has consolidated their presence in the K-Pop industry and gifted all their fans with incredible moments. Today is the anniversary of the premiere of Psycho, an iconic song that showed the great potential of idols, who received great recognition for their work.

This is a musical release that fans referred to as a perfect comeback, the reason? Both the looks of the idols and the promotional melody for their album exceeded any expectations and showed a new facet of these artists.

The singers showed their vocal skills and great style, both in music and in fashion. Promotions for this tune didn’t continue for long due to Wendy’s accident at an awards show, but that didn’t stop Red Velvet from winning over fans.


The song registered high sales around the world from the moment of its premiere, was the first girl group to reach the top of Melon in 2019 and later it was announced that Red Velvet had reached an All Kill on music platforms, being the first group to do so throughout that year.

The success of their album placed them at # 1 on iTunes in the United States for the third time in their career, reaching the mark of other popular groups such as Destiny’s Child. One year after its release, Psycho is nominated in the IHOT20 MUSIC AWARDs 2020 to obtain the Daesang for Record Of The Year, demonstrating its great impact.


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