Red Velvet’s Irene to sing Double Patty’s romantic OST


In addition to the premiere of her new movie, the Red Velvet leader is ready to return to music with her first project of 2021.

Red Velvet’s Irene is set for her first solo comeback of 2021, in addition to the premiere of “Double Patty,” the leader of the K-pop group will delight her fans with a new OST.

The girls from the SM agency continue their group break, but focused on their solo projects, from magazine sessions, advertising campaigns, and movie and show premieres. After her hiatus, Irene will return to the public light and will melt Reveluv’s heart with her first film performance.

Through Korean media, it was revealed that Irene. She is set for the premiere of “Double Patty,” a film she stars in alongside Shin Seung Ho. Yesterday the premiere took place and the idol fell in love with the fans with her elegant style made up of a long black trench coat, but to the surprise of many, the leader of Red Velvet will premiere a new song.

The plot of the film tells the life of Lee Hyun Ji, a young student who aspires to become an MV, so she must work in a hamburger restaurant part time to fulfill her dreams, it is there where she will meet Kangh Woo Ram , a former Korean wrestling athlete, will experience a romantic summer story together.


The month of love and friendship is the perfect setting for the premiere of the film starring Irene, its release is scheduled for the 17th and a campaign is planned to distribute it internationally. In addition to her acting skills, the leader of the K-Pop group will also fall in love with her sweet voice for the ballad “White Night” , this will be her first musical project in 2021.

According to the first reports, the soundtrack of “ Double Patty ” will premiere on Valentine’s Day, on February 14th Reveluv will be able to enjoy Irene’s song ,In addition, they will be able to see the MV inspired by the film and made up of the scenes from it. The preview shows the sweet voice of the idol, who seeks to fulfill her dreams while finding love along the way.

“White Night” will portray the youth and elegance that the characters possess, it is based on the poem of the same name created by Bael Seok for his work “Deer” .

In addition to their solo projects and their future comeback in 2021, the Red Velvet girls could position themselves as one of the most popular groups in America.


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