Red Velvet: Who Is The Rapper of SM’s Idol Group?


Red Velvet there is also a rap line and here we tell you who of the idols make it up. Red Velvet‘s talents seem to have no limits, but some of the members also specialize in rap, find out who they are

Many K-Pop groups assign tasks and positions to each member according to their abilities, so we meet a vocal leader, main dancer, and more. What’s going on in Red Velvet? The idol team also has excellent singers and some of them even rap .

Since its debut, the girl group from SM Entertainment has proved very different skills, her singing and her dancing is spectacular but as you know more about them you do not stop surprise.

While it is true that one of the most special qualities of Red Velvet are the powerful and harmonious voices of the members, that does not prevent them from having an equally skilled rap line and here we will tell you who makes it up.


The leader of the group is Irene , in addition to being an artist recognized for her visuality and her beautiful voice, she is also one of the rappers in the group.


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On the other hand, we have Joy , an artist who has shown talents in acting, OST interpretations, a great sense of fashion, and as if that were not enough she also does rap.


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Finally, within this rap line we have Yeri , the protagonist of Blue Birthday joined the Red Velvet lineup a little later, but in addition to contributing her beautiful voice as a vocalist, she is also a rapper.


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That goes for all three girls, as they are all fantastic singers, they have a focal range of impact and they adapt very well to ballads, but their style also goes perfectly with pop and rap.


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