Red Velvet, the before and after their K-Pop debut


All K-pop idols undergo a makeover when they are about to debut. This is what Red Velvet’s singers and rappers looked like before being recognized for their great talents.

Red Velvet is one of the most famous girl groups of the Korean wave, the band created by the SM Entertainment company has been in business for many years, leaving its own mark on the stage.

The South Korean-born band debuted with a 4-member lineup and later transformed into a 5-member group, adding new magic to music stars’ projects.

Red Velvet has come to the entertainment world to stay, showing off their artistic gifts with musical, visual, conceptual and aesthetic proposals.

This time we bring you some photos of Red Velvet’s Joy, Yeri, Wendy, Irene and Seulgi predebut. Find out if the performers of ‘Don’t U Wait No More’ have changed a lot since their rise to fame



The leader of Red Velvet was always a shy girl, her classmates comment that she was always distinguished by her beauty and was very serious. Do you think Irene has changed a lot after her debut?


The Red Velvet member lost a lot of weight after her debut, the singer was a cheerful girl, with a wide smile, charming eyes, and a very fair complexion. It is said that she was very famous in her school for her visuals.


The Red Velvet singer used to be known for her artistic talents, belonged to a singing club and looked very radiant, in her pre-debut days she experimented with different looks.

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Yeri has always been a fun and optimistic girl, her selfies from the past prove it, as she appears smiling and showing her best angle. Do you think Yeri has changed a lot?


The Red Velvet dancer had a fuller face, her eyes and some features of her face remain the same, in her predebut photos she looked like a tender and trustworthy person.

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