Red Velvet Reacted When They Found Out That Joy and Crush Are Dating


Romance in the idol world is not something you see every day, the Red Velvet girls were in for a surprise when Joy and Crush’s relationship was exposed.

We recently told you that the companies of these singers confirmed the reports that they were dating and quickly the responses from the fans were present, fortunately, the reactions were mostly positive and both Crush and Joy sent messages to their fans.

The idol of Red Velvet also admitted that because they are just getting to know, I thought to wait a bit to reveal the relationship, but reports appeared earlier than planned, can you imagine how they lived the girls when the news was announced?

The Queendom interpreters were at the Seulgi zip show and it was there that they revealed their experience and reactions to this event that quickly became a trend.


During her participation in the show to promote her latest record material, Seulgui ventured to talk about Joy’s love affair and especially about the way they all acted on the news that made their romance official.

Irene, Yeri, and Wendy admitted that their first reaction was to search the Internet to find out what was being said on the subject, so they picked up their phones and looked up Joy’s name for answers.


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 Joy also confessed that she has read what is said on social networks, so she surely knows what the reactions of the fans were before her courtship with her crush.

We recently also told you how this relationship became known and the messages that Joy and Crush shared, learn why the singer’s statement melted hearts with its sweetness.


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