Red Velvet faces an animated reggaeton battle


Red Velvet faces an animated reggaeton battle. Members of the SM Entertainment group demonstrate all their talent in this new project.

Universal Pictures is about to release one of its most moving and colorful movies this year, the girls of Red Velvet could not miss.

In this new and second film of ‘ Trolls ‘, called ‘World Tour ‘, these creatures are engaged in a debate to find out which is the best musical genre , and many celebrities from the medium will be present to bring these cute characters to life.

The Red Velvet girls have a special participation , giving voice to 5 adorable trolls that form a K-Pop group , their names are: Gomdori is Seulgi, Wani is Wendy, like Ari this Joy, Baby Bun is Irene and Kim-Petit it’s Yeri .

Entertainment Access revealed a small preview of what viewers will be able to enjoy; the video shows how the ‘K-pop gang’ engages in a choreographic battle with the ‘Reggaeton gang’.

The hectic issue arises when the ‘ Reggaeton gang ‘ confronts the ‘ K-pop gang ‘ telling them that they cannot live in a world without the Latino genre, so in response, the colorful trolls reply that they cannot live without pop. Korean.

The girls take the first step, as they dance their hit ‘Russian Rulette ‘, while the reggaeton trolls choose to dance the song ‘Mi Gente’ by the Colombian J Balvin in collaboration with Willy William.

Check out the full video :

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