Red Velvet Drops New Teasers For Queendom and Excites ReveLuv


Red Velvet’s comeback is so close and they get us excited with their concept photos. Red Velvet will be back on stage very soon with new music and concepts that we will love, ‘Queendom‘ will be released very soon and the group prepares us with their teasers to raise the excitement for this comeback.

‘Queendom’ is the name that Red Velvet’s next mini-album will bear with which they will have a comeback that will surely impress locals and strangers; The K-Pop girl group is ready to give us much more of the talent of their 5 idols.

ReveLuv was already more than impatient for the return of their favorite idols and they will finally have new music and performances from this K-Pop girl group that debuted in 2014 and since then they have put all their talents and skills to stand out in music.

There is less and less for ‘Queendom‘ and the Red Velvet idols have many surprises for the fans and to get everyone excited for their return, Seulgi and Joy pose for the cameras and raise the hype with these concept photos.


With a concept like the early ’90s, we can start to know more about what ‘Queendom’ will be, Joy and Seulgi are bored in their bedrooms with typical toys and magazines of the time; as they pose for the cameras and excite the world with their next comeback.


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Have you got everything ready for Red Velvet’s new comeback? The idols will surely end up impacting the world with their incredible talents and will dominate with ‘Queendom’ which will premiere on August 17.

And speaking of Seulgi, did you know she wants a collaboration with GOT7’s BamBam? It would surely end with an excellent song that fans of both bands would love.


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