Red Velvet: 12 Curiosities of Seulgi to know her better

Meet Seulgi, Red Velvet’s quintessential dancer, the idol’s personality holds curiosities that make her unique.

SM Entertainment’s girl group has become one of the favorites for K-pop fans, as the girls have the ability to show you cute concepts, but also dark, showing that their versatility is not in conflict with their talent. Seulgi managed to become an idol despite some difficulties.

The Red Velvet member was born in Ansan province, Gyeonggi, South Korea, her birthday is February 10, 1994, she is 26 years old (27 in Korean age) and her family consists of her parents, grandmother, and her older brother. Her personality is distinguished by being very fair to life.

Seulgi’s dream in K-pop began in 2007, when she managed to pass the global audition of the SM agency, since then, she was training for 7 years, until on August 1, 2014, she achieved her dream with Red Velvet, although before She was part of the SMRookies project, where she met her current colleagues.

Seulgi is governed by the sign of Aquarius, which describes her as a person who could be shy, sensitive, but with a lot of patience. Her sign also highlights her qualities such as honesty, being idealistic and reasonable, as she manages to express what she feels with logic and respect. If you want to know more about the idol or you are a new Reveluv, we leave you a list with 12 curiosities of the dancer.


  • Her talent in dance is due not only to her years of practice, but also because Seulgi graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School.
  • Her real name is Kang Seul Gi and she received the nickname Bear because she is considered to have very adorable features
  • She knows how to imitate Pikachu
  • Among her hobbies, Seulgi has great drawing skills and knows how to play the guitar
  • Her personality highlights her love for shopping and collects stationery items such as stickers, pens and notes
  • To get rid of stress, Seulgi goes to karaoke bars or writes diaries
  • Seulgi stands out for being an extremely direct and honest person, that is why she is very fair to life and to people, even those she does not know, yes, she will never hurt you, but she will try to defend herself and be true to herself.
  • Seulgi was about to give up her dream as an idol, because the time she was a trainee was too much for her, after turning 5 she suffered a slight depression, but she continued thanks to the support of her mother
  • It was rumored that she could have been a member of f (x), as she trained alongside the members, but Sulli was selected
  • Her classmates say that she is the most in love
  • Has sports skills in archery
  • She is very good friends with members of Mamamoo, SHINee and Amber.
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