Red Hood Would Go Crazy Over How Nightwing Used Jason Todd’s Death


Although Jason Todd was killed off as Robin after a fan vote revealed that fans hated his character, he was later resurrected as Red Hood – however, just because the death was eventually overturned, it doesn’t mean it was without consequences, with one in particular accepted. Jason Nightwing’s predecessor.

Jason, recruited by Batman after Dick Grayson left alone, was a problem child for the Dark Knight. The second Robin was often shown to be reckless, violent, and disrespectful of authority. His rebellious nature did not suit readers until he was infamous for being killed by the Joker at the conclusion of the “Death in the Family” story arc.

News of the aftermath of this arc eventually reached Dick Grayson, who, heading into The New Titans #55 (Marv Wolfman and George Perez), led the team as Nightwing. After learning that his surrogate brother was killed in battle, Nightwing quickly fired the youngest member of the team, Danny Chase, so that he would not become the same as his fallen comrade. However, while Dick was just doing what he thought was best to protect the young metahuman, Danny’s firing actually just recreated the way fans dumped Jason Todd.

Like Jason, Danny Chase was the subject of serious fan hatred at the time, he was considered a naughty child, despite his supposed goal of bringing the “Teenager” back to the Teen Titans in an era when the original team was obsolete from this descriptor. While Jason Todd’s death was more of a direct response to this popular opinion, as a fan vote decided his fate, it’s hard to see Danny Chase’s firing as anything other than screenwriters bowing to the negative reaction to the character. This creates a dark ironic situation when fans’ dislike of Jason led not only to his death, but also to the fact that Nightwing fired another despised young hero in response. Unfortunately, this means that Jason Todd’s immediate legacy as a character causes someone else in his place to turn into comic obscurity.

After his resurrection, Jason Todd actually referred to the fans’ hatred of his work as Robin, expressing his dissatisfaction with being judged and rejected. This painful self-awareness of how people both in the DC universe and beyond see him ranged from anguish to rage on behalf of Jason. Just imagine how Jason Todd from The Red Hood would feel if he discovered the bittersweet irony surrounding Danny Chase’s dismissal, especially knowing that Nightwing did to Danny what the fans did to him when he was Robin.


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