Red Hood Would Go Crazy Over How Fans Reacted to Nightwing’s Death


If Jason Todd’s Red Hat knew the fans’ reaction to Nightwing’s potential death, he would have gone completely crazy. When news leaked that former D.C. mayor Dan DiDio was considering killing Dick Grayson in “Infinite Crisis,” D.C. fans had great feelings and some choice words. By comparison, fans were much less kind to Jason Todd, voting for the murder of the second Robin Batman.

As seen in Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo’s 1988 film Batman: Death in the Family, Jason Todd’s Robin died after Batman failed to save his friend. Although he was eventually resurrected, Jason became a much darker vigilante known as the Red Hood, his murder at the hands of the Joker forever changed the trajectory of his life. At its best, Red Hood is the black sheep in the bat family who still shows up to help when called. At worst, he distanced himself from Batman because of his greater willingness to use deadly force. However, Todd’s dark journey has become known to be the result of a publicity stunt when DC Comics fans are called to vote on whether Jason Todd will live or die from his injuries in “Death in the Family.” Since many disliked Jason because of his rebellious and impulsive behavior, fans eventually decided that Jason would meet his demise.

Fans’ decision to kill Jason Todd is the exact opposite of how they reacted to reports that Nightwing would die in D.C.’s “Infinite Crisis” a few years later, in 2005. Just as Flash and Supergirl died in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Dan DiDio wanted to create something similar. The stakes are life or death when Batman’s first Robin gives up his life to save the Dark Knight. However, the fans’ outrage was so great that DiDio later recalled a case when a loader at the airport held his luggage hostage until he found out that Nightwing would be fine. While Nightwing eventually survived the explosion he undertook to save Batman, there’s no doubt that Jason Todd’s Red Hood will go crazy if he ever finds out how fans effectively saved the first Robin’s life by choosing to kill the second.

Eventually, DC and DiDio changed their minds, and Conner Kent’s Superboy was chosen instead to sacrifice himself in Infinite Crisis. However, the fact remains that the outrage over Nightwing’s possible death proves that fans did not want any Robin to die in Deaths in the family. They specifically wanted Jason Todd’s death to become a reality. Thus, this makes the Red Hood even more heartbreaking than he already was, showing that his point of view on the world set against him is not far from the real truth.

Although Red Hood may have become a fan favorite character along with Nightwing in the present, the fact remains that fans have defended Dick while condemning Jason in the past. Fans really hated Jason Todd’s Robin. However, if they hadn’t, he might never have become the beloved Red Hood vigilante in the current DC universe.