Red Dead Redemption 2, Turned Into A Beautiful Diorama


Red Dead Redemption 2: A fan transforms the Rockstar game world into a living miniature that allows us to appreciate its setting from another point of view Tiiny Red Dead Redemption is the name of the new project by Flurdeh, a Dutch creator whose YouTube channel is focused on capturing the beauty of video games. One of the best-known offshoots of his work is his “Tiny” line of videos, in which he adjusts the camera, angles, and approaches of different games to see their worlds miniaturized, as if they were a living diorama. With that approach he has explored titles like The Witcher 3, Breath of the Wild, Cyberpunk 2077, Skyrim and others. His latest work, published a few days ago, focuses on Red Dead Redemption 2 and the result is as spectacular as one might expect.

The beauty of the wild west

Thanks to the detail with which Rockstar has created this world in the twilight of the old wild west, as well as the dynamism of the characters that inhabit it and the richness of its flora and fauna, the scenes captured exude life and a nostalgic air for a world in full transformation. It is a great opportunity to appreciate the contrast between wild nature and the strength of technology, with its vehicles, trains and lights. The sequences are diverse in nature, offering us different postcards in which we can see areas of great activity such as ports and railway stations, along with natural areas such as forests and wild coasts, all while the NPCs are doing their jobs, oblivious to our look from above.

It is one of Flurdeh’s most evocative works, probably because the game is also a good model and its use of angles and lenses for focus are very well chosen (even the accompanying music is perfect). Another part of his work focuses on capturing the worlds from more normal angles, collecting landscapes that capture the essence of the game (you can see the contrast between both approaches thanks to his previous “gameography” works also based on Red Dead Redemption 2) .