Red Dead Redemption 2 to leave Xbox Game Pass


After just a few months on the service, Rockstar’s successful work says goodbye to the Xbox subscription service on September 7.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will no longer be available through Xbox Game Pass on September 7. The latest content rotation of Microsoft’s subscription service has brought forward not only new additions to the library for the coming weeks, but also withdrawals. Notably, both NBA 2K20 and the celebrated sequel to the Rockstar series.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been available for four months on Xbox Game Pass

Following its addition to Xbox Game Pass on May 7, Rockstar’s latest major launch with Take-Two Interactive will say goodbye to Microsoft’s on-demand gaming platform; only four months in the catalog. A similar situation is the one that GTA 5 experienced, which was on Xbox Game Pass interspersed in the calendar with Sony’s solution, PlayStation Now, where it was offered for only a few months.

The first of September will be NBA 2K20, another production edited by Take-Two, while on the 7th it will be Red Dead Redemption 2 which leaves the service in its console aspect. Thus, those who want to continue playing the Arthur Morgan adventure from that date must pay the full amount of the game. Progress continues.

September, the month of the arrival of xCloud to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

September is Microsoft’s chosen month for its cloud service, xCloud, to be fully integrated into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost with more than a hundred titles available from day one. The procedure will be very simple for the members of this subscription: if we have an Android device, Internet connection and a controller, it will be as simple as opening the Xbox Game Pass app, selecting a game and clicking on streaming. Nothing else. The test sessions this August are garnering very positive reviews.

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