Red Dead Redemption 2: the ‘cursed’ reborn horse


A new horse “cursed” in Red Dead Redemption 2 caught the attention of fans on the internet, by presenting a completely changed look after the occurrence of a tragic in-game event.

The image published by Reddit user Creative_Word1148 shows a misshapen creature that appears to have come directly from the Cursed Cemetery. According to the player, the new design of the horse emerged as a result of a fire of high proportions, but more precise details of the event and its causes were not shared.

The user said that after the tragedy, his mount was about to die, until it was brought back to life by the item Horse Revive Tonic. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a standard feature of the game turned out to be a post-apocalyptic science experiment, and the animal appeared in a surprising zombie version, where its burnt carcass, veins and torn tissue were clearly visible and well detailed. Check out the photo below.

After the repercussion on the internet and several interested parties wanting to baptize the animal of Chris P. Bacon or something like that, Creative_Word1148 confirmed that the horse returned to its natural physique soon after the completion of a mission, so everything indicates that the regeneration of the tonic occurred well , but in a much longer time than expected.

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