Red Dead Online welcomes legendary bears


Killer crocodiles, gloomy deer and legendary rams have been some animals that have visited the Wild West recently.

The adjective ‘wild’ is not an exaggeration when it comes to talking about the times of the Old West. Not only because the gunmen roam freely, but also because of the dangerous animals that were sighted in the United States of the time. Red Dead Online, the online side of Red Dead Redemption 2, has not only caught a glimpse of the arrival of a giant crocodile, but in recent weeks it has also encountered shadowy deer and several legendary rams. Now it is the turn of one of the most majestic mammals, the bear (legendary, in this case).

In the absence of one, there are two copies. The first is the legendary Owiza bear, who roams near the banks of the Dakota River. Being a lonely being, he is irritated by being disturbed, so he usually hunts on rainy nights. The second is the legendary crested spirit bear, which can be distinguished from the others by the red band on its back. Unlike the previous one, he opts for daytime hunting, near the Little Creek River, The common characteristic between the two is that they are deadly aggressive, so only the most experienced hunters and naturalists should approach.

As usual, if you hunt any of these specimens, you can skin them to obtain the hat of your choice as a reward. Those who decide to bring the furs to Gus Macmillan can buy special garments made with these skins and create legendary coats to obtain a coat as a reward (of those that are in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co catalog).

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