Red Dead Online update brings new fighters, studies


Rockstar has released a new update for Red Dead Online full of content and ensuring plenty of time for exploration and fun for players. New rewards will be available in the Gus store, two legendary bears will be waiting to be hunted and studied and several rewards have already been launched, with bonuses for players who have their accounts linked to Prime Gaming.

The legendary owiza bears and ridgeback spirit bears appear as new challenges for hunters and naturalists, being scattered on the banks of the Dakota River and inland from the Little Stream. Very aggressive and ready to become great threats for anyone who dares to approach, explorers must be very cautious if they want their rewards and can plan strategies with the local climate, soil and fauna to capture their prey.

After successfully hunting the huge creatures, Gus Macmillan will be waiting in your store to pay a good price for the bears’ skins. With the mission bonus, it is possible to create new themed outfits of legendary animals, guaranteeing an exclusive prize in the library of Wheeler, Rawson & Co.

Harriet’s store also brought news with the update and made a Vitalism Studies Pamphlet about the rabbit available, which rewards players who complete rabbit control with discounts of up to 50% when purchasing an Established Naturalist Craft item or higher.

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