Red Dead Online spot three legendary rams on Xbox One


Each of them will be different, so we can get different coats if we decide to bring their fur to Gus. Neither a monstrous crocodile nor a gloomy deer, the creature that visits Red Dead Online this week is a legendary ram, or rather, three of these copies (on Xbox One, PC and Stadia).

It has been announced by Rockstar Games in a new update to its official site. Not all of them will be the same, as they are three different variants: on the one hand, the gabbro horn, a black and white specimen that roams the dry lands of Río Bravo; the gray limestone horn is found high in the Grizzlies Mountains, while the rutile horn, with two dark red horns, walks through Rio Bravo and Cholla Springs.

If you visit Harriet you can start the Rutile Horn Ram Sighting Mission and get the reward, a poncho of the player’s choice. As usual, this kind of mission can be completed in two ways: sedating and investigating creatures or killing them. Players will be able to purchase the Woodcote poncho and three new coats created from the skin of each of the legendary rams.

If you are a collector and fan of fossils, you will like to know that players will be able to unearth three new collections of littoral, aquatic and colossal fauna fossils, which are scattered throughout the border. To get hold of them, just talk to Madam Nazar. She will be in charge of providing you with both the fossil map and the Pennington shovel and metal detector. Newbies who collect a fossil will receive a tarot card, a lost jewel, and an arrowhead.

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