Red Dead Online Sights the Legendary Shadow Stag


It is a peaceful creature that generally avoids humans, although it can be dangerous if you disturb it. Rumors fly in Annesburg, USA.

The gossips say they have spotted a deer with jet fur and charcoal antlers. Generally, it looks like a peaceful creature, avoiding humans and escaping if disturbed, but the legendary shadow deer is not just any animal, it is made of another paste. Red Dead Online players will have to be careful, because if he reacts aggressively he can pose a threat to anyone. This is one of the novelties of this week in the video game developed by Rockstar Games.

A beast with these peculiarities inevitably attracts poachers, who are eager to claim the rewards of hunting them. They have camped on the outskirts, so the player must be careful when tracking and approaching him. Naturalists, for their part, can begin this sighting mission by visiting Harriet in the store. Those who manage to sedate the deer and collect research samples will receive a vest (player’s choice) and 100 rounds of tranquilizer ammunition for future expeditions; those who choose to kill and skin the animal will get 100 units of rapid ammunition for repeating weapons.

Skins and extrasensory experiences

The murder of the legendary shadow deer will take us to visit the shop of Gus MacMillan, a furrier capable of creating sumptuous coats to be fashionable in the Wild West. If you offer him the animal’s fur you can buy the shady deer coat. Once created you will receive a free shoulder bag.

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