Red Dead Online Players Discovered A New Vulnerability

Red Dead Online has been coming to the fore with cheating recently, Reddit user discovered a fun vulnerability in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online has been known for cheating lately. Many people were banned because of the cheats made by the players. Although Rockstar Games detects cheaters and non-users and tries to take action accordingly, those who are positively affected by cheating are also banned. In addition to cheats, different vulnerabilities are discovered in the game. Previously, these gave you gold bars or money, while the new openings are used for entertainment purposes.

Throws your new open character in Red Dead Online hundreds of meters high

A new player-discovered opener launches your character hundreds of meters high. This weird but funny bug was found by Reddit user KayPeeJay. There are water wheels in some parts of the Red Dead Online map. KayPeeJay is trying to get on top of him as he whirls around the waterwheel. Shortly after climbing the waterwheel, he discovers that his character is launched into the sky.

After the player who shared this vulnerability on Reddit, other players are trying to test the vulnerability in a short time. The Red Dead Online vulnerability quickly became popular, as the characters of other players who tried the vulnerability also flew into the sky. Players started sharing those footage on YouTube. As fun as it is to fly, your character will die from the fall. This bug is similar to the swing bug in GTA IV. When you tried to touch the swing with your vehicle in GTA IV, your vehicle was throwing up like your character in Red Dead. It is not yet clear whether Rockstar Games will close this gap.



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