Red Dead Online players are going to prison voluntarily

A new private server from Red Dead Online is giving the talk on the web, gaining wide prominence for transforming the virtual western into a super realistic experience where players can be arrested and serve their sentences.

Created by the player Tiberione, the Wild West RP server is the definitive experience of a life in the old west, where members are assigned to acquire unique personalities as in a kind of RPG master’s. Thus, each takes on the role of mercenary, sheriff, thieves, judges, prison guards and more to build a narrative inspired by real life.

Thus, it is possible that captured bandits are taken to jail to serve their sentences according to the crime committed, and there they should live the life of a prisoner, sleeping on the premises, participating in hearings, relating to other convicts, waiting for the help of friends who were not captured and even making escape plans with the support of shovels and explosives.

According to the server’s owner, the Sisika penitentiary is fully functional and autonomous, having a life of its own as in the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign. Tiberione also comments that players can get sentences of up to 14 years, with each year being equivalent to one day. in real life.

And for sorry prisoners who don’t want to escape Sisika, it is even possible to participate in community service and try parole for good behavior.

What did you think of this more realistic Red Dead Online experience? Is it worth it to be an outlaw on the Wild West RP server? Leave your opinion in the comments.



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