Red Dead Online launches Halloween Dead Night mode


Team up against the undead and opposing players to get rich rewards. Night of the Dead comes to Red Dead Online, the online side of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar Games is gearing up for Trick-and-Treat Day, which comes to the Wild West with new challenges and game modes. Throughout that week, players will be able to search for two new legendary animals, purchase the new Halloween pass, or enjoy Dead of Night, a new mode.

The Dead of Night mode divides the players into four teams, who will have to survive fighting each other and against the zombies. By eliminating the undead you will receive points, but even more if you kill opposing players. Another objective is to find the night stalker mask, which will allow you to acquire supernatural abilities. The rewards? 3 tomahawks, 10 unstable incendiary bottles, and 25 incendiary pellets.

According to the gossips, two predators have been sighted in the swamps of the area. The most skilled hunters have not yet been able to catch them, but perhaps someone else will have more luck. The night owl panther camouflages itself in the vegetation near Bolger’s clearing, where mist and shadows reign. The albino phantom panther has been seen among the undergrowth surrounding Bluewater Swamp, where it has been hunting deer. If you bring these furs to Gus you will have the opportunity to receive a good sum of money and to buy coats made from this material.

Halloween pass: these are the contents

  • Zavala’s skeletal machete
  • The gruesome skinned bison mask and the colorful painted horse ram masks
  • Three Halloween gestures: scared, terrified and the ripper
  • Creepy backgrounds for the photo studio, like a cemetery or an abandoned house
  • Post-apocalyptic and predator filters for the advanced camera
  • A gothic decoration design for the liquor store
  • The scaffold blindfold
  • New flags for the camp and more
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The Halloween Pass is defined as “a limited time upgrade that you can purchase that offers ghoulish rewards in 20 levels, available until November 16”. Everyone who purchases it will receive a free weapon component as a reward. Halloween masks, meanwhile, are back for a limited time: buy one and you’ll get 10 Poison Throwing Knives and a free skill card reward of your choice.


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