Red Dead Online confirms red deer is legendary animal


Like every week, Rockstar Games welcomes a new creature, who wanders through the Wild West waiting to meet his fate.

What does the Wild West hide at the gates of the 20th century? Bandits, gunmen and sheriffs ready to do anything to stop the bandits and uphold the law. Also the presence of all kinds of living beings, including the legendary animals that appear week after week in the virtual United States of Red Dead Online, the online side of Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Games has sent a note of Press in which they reveal all the news this week, in which naturalists and hunters can come face to face with the legendary ruddy elk.

It is the second consecutive week in which a species of this animal is seen in the area. First came the snowflake elk, which arrived at the same time as the knight elk. The first of them was able to blend in with the snowy scenery, although it could be distinguished by the color of the horns, while the second used to frequent the bed of the Kamassa River during the day. As for the ruddy elk, it has been seen roaming the woods and foliage of Tall Trees. It has reddish antlers and is very elusive and solitary, so it will flee if it sees anyone nearby.

All bonuses and rewards

If you talk to Harriet you will start the sighting mission. You can choose to kill her and bring her skin to Gus Macmillan to transform it into a hooded coat. Plus, you’ll pay 50% more for bearskins next week. Notably, this is the last week of the current edition of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. club and Outlaw Pass 3 (expires October 19). Pass holders will receive 10 Special Medicines, 5 Lost Jewels, and 200 Tranquilizer Ammo this week. Those who have passed level 50 will get Griffith chaps of the color of their choice and the Caffyns hat.

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Between October 13-19, players will be able to enjoy 5 camo tonics and 50 units of Nitro Rapid Ammo. When hunting or sedating the moose, they will also receive a left holster below level 70. Baits are priced, while elephant rifles and shotguns have a 40% sale.


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