Red Dead Online announces double prize for more


The online side of Red Dead Redemption 2 features all the weekly updates, including discounts and much more.

In Red Dead Online, justice at the frontier is harsh and unforgiving. The Rockstar Games production, which is available when you buy Red Dead Redemption 2 (although it can already be purchased independently), offers us the possibility of helping the widow Jessica LeClerk and her right-hand man Horley to perpetrate their revenge in the missions of the land of opportunity. We can also respond to the telegrams of the mysterious “J” in A new source of employment. In both cases we will have the opportunity to get double the RDO $ and EXP.

Through a press release, the developer has also explained that in this week’s featured series we will get double RDO $ and EXP. Also, if you play in a gang during the next few days, you will enjoy a 30% discount on one block. During that period, there will be no need to pay to create a persistent crew.

Clothing for a limited time at Wheeler, Rawson & Co.

Fernwater coat
Hopeman Vest
Luxury tailcoat
Strickland Boots
Baroque cowboy spurs
Stocky top hat
Rolled up skirt
Appliqued trousers
Gardenias hat

All discounts

If you walk around the local stables, you will find that there is a 30% discount on horses, as well as half off all saddles and horse equipment, including saddlebags, stirrups, blankets, horns and sleeping bags. The local tailor offers coats, ponchos and bandoliers with a 30% discount. If you are a Liquorist and want to decorate the distillery, you can do so with a 40% discount. Country stores introduce those same offers, including camping dogs.


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