Red Dead Online Announces Awards For The Week


The online side of Red Dead Redemption 2 brings us a ferocious alligator very hungry and eager to taste human flesh.

If you are a lover of dangers, Red Dead Online has prepared an event that will make you break a sweat. And it is that Harrriet Davenport has discovered that a beast of the animal world lives in the outskirts of Saint Denis. This is a legendary banded alligator that not only enjoys devouring human flesh, but is hungry and ready to grind any prey it can reach. Therefore, we will have to carry out Harriet’s command, sedate the animal or kill it so that Gus can make us a good natural fur coat. Rockstar Games, which has revealed that level 5 naturalists will be able to enjoy this mission, has also announced the rewards, discounts, etc., which will be available throughout the week.

Those who kill the alligator with bands will be able to sell its skin at Gus’s shop. This will unlock the option to create and purchase the coat. As if that weren’t enough, when you craft any coat this week, you’ll receive a free vest and 25 boxes of merchant merchandise. On the other hand, if you choose to create a bead, you will get a free poncho.

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