Red Card: Luis Suárez vs. FC Barcelona


The case of Luis Suárez has only made it clear that chaos reigns completely in the offices of FC Barcelona, ​​the latest news about the refusal of the Barça club for Suárez to sign for Atlético de Madrid is the most recent example of this .

Luis should have the right to go where he prefers, what suits him best or whatever the case may be, since it was the club that told him that they did not count on him for the future; the only decent thing in this case is to let him go where he prefers, I repeat, where it suits him best.

Suárez resigned a good part of his salary and the contract that covered him to renew for another million in case of playing a certain percentage of games, but the board of directors pulled a certain “list” of teams that the Uruguayan could not go to. which included Real Madrid and Manchester teams, now, magically, “Aleti” would also be included.

The mattress team was planted and has said that it will not pay a penny for the transfer and that it could only pay $ 10 million per year from the “Pistolero” file that receives almost $ 20 in Barça. The arrangement was carried out with the player’s agents and it was only a matter of formalities to make the signing official.

But of course, obviously, the Barça club, when it decided to get rid of Suárez, did not take into account that Atlético is another direct rival in the league, in the Champions League and that it has also made life impossible for Barcelona on several occasions lately. To think that they are going to reinforce it without receiving anything in return and even paying part of their token, is indeed unacceptable, but they should have thought about it before.

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