Recycle Bin to be Added to Smartphones with Android 11


We had the chance to experience many innovations that came with the release of the open beta of Android 11. One of these innovations will be the ‘recycle’ feature that will come with Android 11. With this recycle bin, you will now be able to retrieve documents and files that you have accidentally deleted.

If you accidentally delete a file or folder from your phone, you will no longer need to panic. A recycle bin will be added to all Android OS-based smartphones with Android 11. As some beta users have noted, this recycle bin was actually available in the developer version of Android 11 released in February. However, with the improvements made, this feature has become more prominent.

This recycling bin to be added will work in the same logic as the ‘Recycle Bin’ used on Windows computers and the ‘Trash’ folder used on the Mac operating system. Every file you delete from your phone will be stored in this trash for 30 days and you will be able to restore them whenever you want. This recycling feature is considered as one of the biggest innovations Android 11 will bring. Because in previous Android versions, if you did not have a backup elsewhere, the data you deleted from the internal storage would be lost forever and could not be recovered.

Deleted files will be a few taps away:

Thanks to this innovation, users will no longer have to worry and worry about the photos, music or documents they had to delete until they get a new storage space. Thanks to the recycle bin, excess files or accidentally deleted can be brought back with a few taps. This recycling system was already in use for a long time with apps like Google Drive and Google Photos on smartphones. But with the recycling folder on the phone, files can be brought back without the need to use another application.

In addition, the innovation in this recycling field will be a product of the new ‘Scoped Storage’ technology that Google plans to use on Android. In this context, Android application developers will start developing new user interfaces for the recycle bin. It will take some more time to implement the new interface changes. For this reason, Android 11 is expected to be available to users next year.


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