Recovery Mode on iPhone 13 without Charging Input


New information has emerged on how to start the recovery mode wirelessly and solve this problem on the iPhone 13, which Apple is preparing to present in September and will come without charging input.

Apple’s new flagship series, the iPhone 13, has managed to get a lot of talk about it for months before it comes out. The information that emerged that the charging input would be removed, especially at the design point, attracted a lot of attention and some questions arose along with it.

The answer to the most curious of these questions is the situation of starting the recovery mode on iPhones with a cable connection. The first answer to the question of how to start the recovery mode on the iPhone 13, which will be completely disconnected with the cables with the disappearance of the charging input, offers three alternative methods.

Apple is allegedly working on a new feature called ‘Internet Recovery’ to solve the problem:

Of course, it is not very logical to think that Apple, which is preparing to come with such an innovation, will not have a solution. According to emerging information, Apple has been working for a while to find a way to get everything done wirelessly. At the point of wireless startup of the recovery mode, it is said that a feature called ‘Internet Recovery’ is being worked on.

This feature is currently shaped on three different options on the software side. The first of these three features, and allegedly, the first choice of Apple, focuses on finding iPhones in recovery mode via Finder / iTunes and using the recovery mode by controlling the found device via iTunes / Finder.