How to recover disabled Facebook


Recovering a disabled Facebook account is only possible when the lock was intentionally performed by the user. This is because the social network offers the possibility to disable the profile for those who wish to temporarily leave the social network. In this case, just perform a new login to undo the procedure. However, if the block is carried out by an activity that breaks the rules of the community, it will be necessary to contact Facebook to regain access.

Thinking about solving these problems, TechTudo has prepared some tips and procedures that should be followed by users with Facebook disabled. Check out how to recover your account below.

What is the difference between deactivating and deleting a Facebook account?
A disabled account was temporarily removed from the social network by Facebook or by the user himself. This means that it can be retrieved with simple authentication procedures or by sending personal information to Facebook via an online report that will be analyzed before access is released.

A deleted account, however, cannot be recovered by the user. After completing the procedure, the social network offers a total period of 14 days in case of regret – just a quick login to reactivate the account. After this period, the account is deactivated and all data is deleted from the system.

How to recover a disabled Facebook account
A deactivated profile can even appear in your friends list and appear as a member in groups. However, no one will be able to access it, as its view is blocked by Facebook. Therefore, shares, photos and videos will also be blocked. If you have temporarily disabled your account, but decided to reverse the procedure, just log in to the social network again. This way, the profile will be ready for use and will be unlocked for viewing friends and browsing.

How to recover a disabled Facebook account
Another possibility of having the Facebook profile deactivated is when the social network itself takes this action as a way to punish the user. The platform can disable accounts that publish content that does not follow the terms of use, use false names, try to impersonate someone else, repeat behavior that violates community standards or has engaged in harassment, spamming activities and other prohibited conduct.

In this case, to determine whether or not to unblock, Facebook will carry out an analysis of what happened and check access data and user documents using an online form. To do this, access the link and enter the email or cell phone registered on Facebook and your full name as defined in the account. In addition, use the “Choose Files” feature to upload a personal identity document. That done, click on the “Send” button to have the document analyzed by the social network. It is worth mentioning that, even so, accounts that have made serious violations may not be restored.

Use the tips above to recover your account and return to using Facebook to interact with friends and pages on the platform.