Record Trading with Bitcoin!


A gigantic Bitcoin transaction was made a few days ago. More than 160 thousand Bitcoins came out of an account, and this process caught the attention of many, as you can imagine.

Bitfinex Made
As soon as people realized that such a procedure was done, they started to wonder who did this procedure. Fortunately, Paolo Ardoino made a statement on the subject and filled people’s curiosity.

Bitfinex’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino, announced that this was done by Bitfinex. According to the information he shared, 15 thousand of 161 thousand 500 BTC that came out of Bitfinex’s wallet were sent to another wallet, the remaining 146 thousand 500 BTC were sent back to Bitfinex’s wallet.

Record Trading
With this process by Bitfinex, a new record was actually broken. Because this was almost a $ 1.1 billion transaction. Meanwhile, it should be noted that the transaction fee from this $ 1.1 billion transaction is $ 0.68. This transaction, in which a bank may charge a large amount of transaction fees, can be done in Bitcoin for less than $ 1.

It must be said that this transaction is a record in dollar terms only. So we have never seen a $ 1.1 billion BTC transaction before, but we’ve seen transactions with more than 161,000 BTC. For example, almost 10 years ago, 550 thousand BTC were sent in a single transaction. But since the price of BTC was around $ 3 at the time, the value of this transaction was around $ 1.5 million.


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